Holding the Space Part 1

Delaya Diane, founder and administrator of True North Equestrians – Soul Inspired Equestrians, and member of Horse – Human – Spirit, is creating an Oracle Deck using real horses to illustrate her words of spiritual inspiration. My horse, Sparkle Plenty, is the image for “Holding the Space.” I have spent the past week contemplating and meditating upon this concept in relation to my horse. What does “Holding the Space” mean and how does Sparkle illustrate the image?

I was there when Sparkle Plenty entered this world and almost thirty years later I was there when her life spirit left this world. She was my equine soul sister. Through her I improved my horsemanship skills. She and I shared those skills with young, blossoming horse lovers. She allowed horse people and non-horse people to stand in and feel the peace of her presence. She and I travelled trails in the Sierra Nevada’s and the California Lost Coast together with friends. I have loved and cared for many horses in my life-time. She was, is still, special.

Holding The Space

Sparkle Plenty is Holding the Space of

The Eternal Now,

The Presence of Earth and Heaven,

LOVE, lots of vital energy,

HORSE – Past, Present and future Potential,




Heart Connection,

Illuminating the Internal Luminous Darkness,

Sparkle Penty is Holding the Space.

Thank you

May be an image of 2 people, people standing, horse, nature and tree

Author: heartofahorsewoman

I am a lifetime horsewoman having dabbled in many different disciplines with many different breeds. The Natural Horsemanship training concepts changed my approach to horses and life. The trail I have traveled has led me to see horses in their spiritual context and the great exploration into mystery that Horse carries us so confidently.

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