Meet the Triad Team

So much has been happening in the realm of Equine Spirituality: A Book Genre since my last post. Two other authors in the genre and I are creating a Facebook Group and Page for sharing the written experience, exploration, and expression of spirit in the horse/human relationship. I proudly introduce my partners, Nancy Lee Gerson, author of The Horse Who Changed My Life: A Serendipitous Journey Through Equus, and Janet Wolanin Alexander, author of At Home on a Horse in the Woods: A Journey into Living Your Ultimate Dream and Braiding Horsehair Bracelets: Your Beginners Guide. It is our intention to create a safe space for writers and readers to share their spiritual relationship with Horse. It is a “thing,” this resonance and validation of spirituality in the Horse/Human relationship.

Can Two Words Whispered by a Horse Lead to Personal Transformation?
With limited horse riding experience and no formal equestrian training, native New York attorney, Nancy Lee Gerson, travelled to Colorado on a whim to attend a women’s retreat with horses. She spent five days riding and communing with a special horse named Cherokee, who became the ambassador for Nancy’s life-changing, serendipitous journey, guided by interspecies connections and inspiring synchronicities.

A series of beautifully written essays and prose poems that come together as a memoir/meditation by one woman’s love and transcendent connection to all things equine. [The Author] opens her life and heart to the reader, sharing her personal struggles, longings, joys, and spiritual journey as well as her ever-widening discovery along the way of the beauty and wonder of God’s world through the beloved horses in her life. Patti Liskay, author of Equal and Opposite Reactions.

Author Janet Wolanin Alexander learned about horsehair jewelry when a friend showed her a bracelet she had purchased out West during vacation. Entranced, Janet vowed to braid one from her own horse’s hair. After spending years seeking instruction and practicing her skills, she wrote this comprehensive guide to save you some of the time and frustration she went through.

EQUUS Film and Art Festival has honored From the Heart of a Horsewoman: Horse-A Bridge Between Spirit and Matter with the coveted 2021 Winnie Award for the category Equine Spirituality. I am beyond grateful.

We invite you to join us in the exploration and expression of the spiritual experience with Equus. Please share your favorite books, fiction and nonfiction, that you feel fall under Equine Spirituality. Looking forward to reading of your personal experiences.

Thank you for riding this special trail with me, Lynnea Paxton-Honn

Author: heartofahorsewoman

I am a lifetime horsewoman having dabbled in many different disciplines with many different breeds. The Natural Horsemanship training concepts changed my approach to horses and life. The trail I have traveled has led me to see horses in their spiritual context and the great exploration into mystery that Horse carries us so confidently.

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